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Progeny Results - NAVHDA and VHDF test results for Bone Point tested puppies




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Whelped February 11, 2024. Ready to go April 4th, 2024.

11 puppies: 9 males and 2 females


All puppies have been placed.

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We have been receiving excellent feedback on our Porter pups from last year. With Porter getting up in age, we really wanted to get another litter out of him. Porter and Betty match up very well and thi







DOB:  6/17/2019

HEIGHT:  25"

WEIGHT:  65 lbs

COAT:  med dense/med harsh, furnishings dominant (FF)

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PENNhip L.26 R.24



Kaiser is a talented young male bred by Karla Hawkins and owned by Drayton Murphy of Boise, Idaho.

Kaiser is quickly proving to be a great all-around personal hunting dog for Drayton, where he spends most of his fall in the duck blind. Kaiser is Drayton's first pointing dog and he was successfully able to put a NAVHDA utility prize II at 2 years old.

Kaiser is from a very nice breeding between two National Field Champion/Dual Champion parents, and a pedigree full of top performing field trial dogs behind him.

Kaiser's greatest attribute is that he really is the total package. He comes from very strong field trial lines, but they are also complete dogs with excellent conformation, strong water work, health tested, excellent temperaments, and good coats.

We had Kaiser at our house for a week and I was very impressed his sound, mentally stable temperament and friendly attitude with strangers and other dogs.

This will be Kaiser's first litter and we are excited to see what he produces.








NAVHDA NA: 112/I @ 3.9 mo

VHDF AHAE: 183 pts (102%)3 yrs

HEIGHT:  24"

WEIGHT:  52 lbs

COAT:  liver roan, medium dense/medium harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PENNhip R.22 L.22, 95th percentile




Betty has been a prodigy since the beginning. Her natural talent was obvious from a very early age when she scored a maximum 112/I in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 3.9 months old. If that doesn't make her the youngest 112 in the history of NAVHDA, she is probably very close.

Betty is a near clone of her sire, Max (Bone Point's Magnus NA I, UT I), and her granddam Allie (McNally's Super Ali NA I, UT I). This dog can fly. Incredible ground speed and she eats up the ground. She is a very stylish pointer and would also make a great horseback field trial prospect. She hammers the water and is a great water dog. Just like her sire and granddam, she is also a very cooperative, sweet dog that really wants to please. Betty is a great house dog and an easy keeper around the house.

Betty is from a very successful breeding between Max and Ziva where two litters had 11 puppies NA tested with an average score of 108 points. One dog became a UT I before 2 years old and a VC before 3 years old, and a few others were UT prize Is and IIs as 2 years olds.

Betty has loads of talent and we are excited to se






Whelped March 25th, 2024. Ready to go after May 15h, 2024.

5 puppies: 1 male (solid liver) and 4 females (2 solids & 2 ticked)


All puppies are spoken for

Prices & Conditions of Sale

We have been receiving excellent feedback on our Porter pups from last year. With Porter getting up in age, we really wanted to get another litter out of him. Porter and Betty match up very well and thi

hould be a very nice litter.








DOB:  3/23/2019

HEIGHT:  24"

WEIGHT:  65 lbs

COAT:  med dense/med harsh, furnishings dominant (FF)

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PENNhip L.21 R.20





Trek is a talented male owned and bred by Meg Eden of Terrebonne, OR. Meg has operated a quality breeding program for 20+ years where she has handled her dogs at the highest levels in NAVHDA and AKC field trials.

Trek is a complete dog in all regards. He is a proven versatile dog as a personal hunting dog, and through his success in NAVHDA testing. Much like us, Meg wants a versatile dog that also has the run, style, and bird-sense to be a competitive field trial dog, which also translates to the wide open country we hunt out west.

Trek has an excellent temperament around people and other dogs, and he spends most of his time around other multiple intact males without a problem. He is fully health tested and has some of the tightest hips in the breed. He is an athletic, well-built dog with proper structure.

Trek descents from a pedigree that combines some very successful imported dogs with some of North America's best horseback field trial German Wirehairs. We expect Trek to be a great outcross option for us because he comes from a breeding program that focuses on many of the same priorities and attributes that we do.









NAVHDA NA: 112/I at 6 months

HEIGHT:  23.5"

WEIGHT:  50 lbs

COAT:  liver ticked, dense/med harsh, Ff

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PENNhip L.21 R.25






Lefty started out by running on wild pheasants with our friend Art Trujillo in South Dakota as young pup, who then tested her for us in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test when she was 6 months old. She recieved a maximum 112/I.

Lefty's greatest attribute is that she is just a fantastic wild bird that is always on birds and she knows how to handle them. She is a very naturally steady dog that is cautious on game and does not pressure birds. She is also a very strong water dog that loves to hunt ducks.

Lefty is very sweet dog around the house. She is quiet in the kennel, and she gets along well with other dogs. Lefty is a great representative of our kennel, and we are fortunate to have her in our breeding program.







Whelped May 10th, 2024. Ready to go after June 29th.

15 puppies - 7 males (4 black, 3 liver) and 8 females (3 black, 5 liver)

All puppies spoken for.

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This is a repeat breeding from a litter last year. The cross between Jett and Skye worked very well with the puppies doing exceptionally well in their first hunting season. This will likely be Jett's last litter due to age. Jett was an incredible wild bird dog from the very beginning, and we are hoping to move these genetics forward in our breeding program.





VHDF AHAE: 157 pts

HEIGHT:  24.5"

WEIGHT:  57 lbs

DOB: 4/27/2013

COAT:  medium length, black ticked, medium dense/ medium harsh

FURNISHINGS: FF (dominant)

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  OFA Excellent



With Jett nearing 10 years old, we knew we had to get a few more litters out of him while he was still available. Skye is the perfect match that we were waiting for.

Jett is one of the most natural wild bird dogs that we have had the opportunity to be around. He was finding and handling birds like a seasoned veteran in his first hunting season. He just never went through a typical young-dog learning stage of bumping birds. He is just a rare dog with elite bird dog savvy and natural steadiness on wild birds. The only dog that I have seen rival this work at such an early age was his dam, Frida (Bone Point's Dark Star NA I, UT I), so it obviously runs in the family.

The most impressive part is that Jett combines these excellent wild bird hunting with a very high drive on land and water - which are very contrasting skill-sets. Jett is a medium-to-large ranging dog that moves fast and hunts with a high head. He has a strong love for water. He is a very friendly dog to strangers and other dogs.

Jett has sired 3 litters of very nice puppies and we believe this pairing should be as good as any of them. Jett is owned by Larry Bennett of La Grande, OR.







VHDF HAE: 71 pts (101%)

VHDF AHAE: 167 pts (93%)

NAVHDA UT: 188/III @ 20 months

DOB:  12/11/2020

HEIGHT:  24"

WEIGHT:  55 lbs

COAT:  short/med length, liver roan, dense/harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PENNhip L.29 R.24



Skye (left) and littermate Gravy

Skye was our stud fee pick for a litter that Odin sired at Holden Point Kennel. Due to COVID flight restrictions, our good friend Katie Willis flew out to Boston to bring back Skye and her littermate Gravy. Katie took Skye back at a year old to prepare her for upcoming tests. She did a fantastic job with Skye and Gravy and they both went on to knock out top scores in NAVHDA and VHDF at very young ages.

Skye certainly looks like her sire, Odin, and has the same long nose and super-intense point. She is a very calm dog around the house and is just an easy dog to have around. She is a medium range dog in the field and just gets the job done. She is a fantastic retriever and naturally cautious on handling birds. After getting her back from Katie this fall, I shot a limit of eight chukar over her points on the first hunt I took her on. Her calm, stoic demeanor and rock-solid nerves are always appreciated. She is a strong natural water dog and received top scores in all water areas for all 3 phases of testing. She is a well-built dog, and her coat is the best coat I have ever seen on a GWP.

Skye has developed into a fantastic dog that we expect to be a great asset to our breeding program. A huge thanks to Katie for working with her the past year and bringing out the best in her.





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