Inquiring About a Puppy

We typically have 2-3 litters each year. We will begin accepting deposits in the fall after we have set our spring breeding plans. In most cases, our puppies are usually spoken for before they whelp. If you are interested in a Bone Point puppy we recommend that you watch our website and send in a deposit as soon as litter details are posted and we begin accepting deposits.

If you are interested in a Bone Point puppy or have any questions, email is our preferred method of communication for initial contact. You are welcome to try us by phone, but please understand that it may take a while to return your call since I have a day job, several wirehairs to take care of, and a wife and three young children waiting for me when I get home from work each day.

If you are interested in putting down a deposit on a puppy, please start out by emailing us and telling us a little about yourself. Include information such as how often you hunt, what species you hunt, your experience with hunting dogs and German Wirehaired Pointers, your knowledge and experience with the various testing and trialing organizations, and what you are looking for in a dog. We strongly prefer that clients test their puppy in the VHDF Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) and/or NAVHDA Natural Ability test (NA). By testing our dogs you are giving us good feedback on our litters, which helps us identify the most talented litters and the dogs that we want to move forward with in our breeding program. If you are not familiar with NAVHDA or VHDF, please learn more about them before contacting us.

We are very selective with the homes that we place our dogs. We only place puppies with responsible, avid hunting sportsmen. We do not place puppies in non-hunting homes. Our wirehairs thrive on attention from their families and an active, caring home is needed for these dogs. A Bone Point wirehair is not the right dog for everyone and we want to make sure that you are a good match for one of our dogs before we accept a deposit. If we feel that you are a good match, then you are welcome to send a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve a puppy. This deposit may be refunded if we cannot provide a puppy from the agreed upon breeding or timeline, or where a person is unable to take a puppy due to unusual circumstances. In most cases, we would prefer to talk with you on the phone before accepting a deposit.

If you have been approved and wish to send in a deposit, please include a letter describing what your plans are for your new dog and include which characteristics are most important to you in your next hunting companion, such as sex, coat, size, and temperament. We will use your letter as reference to help us select a puppy that will best match what you are looking for. Our mailing address is located on the 'Contact Us' page.


Reserving a Puppy & Puppy Selection

The date that your $500 deposit is received will determine the order of availability. The order of deposit does not determine a picking order. It does not matter if you are the 1st deposit or the 8th deposit because we do not establish picking order based on a first-come, first-served basis. Bone Point kennels will carefully match you up with a puppy based on our discussions and your letter, and after evaluating each puppy in the litter for 7 weeks. We feel that this method provides the best chance of success for matching each client with the best possible dog for them.  For example, this will allow us to ensure that the puppy with the shortest coat does not end up in Alaska or that the boldest, most independent puppy does not end up going to a first-time handler that may struggle getting control over the pup. We select the puppies for clients because we want YOU to be happy with your dog for the next 12+ years.


Puppy Pricing

2024 pricing: Males $1,900, Females $2,200.


Your $500 deposit will be included towards the total cost of the puppy.

The difference in price between a male and female is only due to demand. It has nothing to do with hunting ability or any other significant difference.

Bone Point Kennels may provide discounts to the above prices for German Wirehair Alliance members. We place a high emphasis on placing puppies in quality homes that will also test or trial their dog. This gives us good feedback on our dogs and it gives the dog a chance to prove itself and potentially contribute to the gene pool.


Picking up Your Puppy

You can pick up your puppy at our home in Baker City at around 8 weeks old.

For those who live outside of driving range, ground transport or airline cargo shipping are also options.

Since the COVID airline restrictions, we have been using ground transportation and prefer that method for door-to-door transport.

Shipping your puppy by airline is also an option.

If you need to ship your puppy by airline, we ship out of Boise International Airport (BOI) in Boise, Idaho. Your puppy will be shipped as cargo on Delta, Alaskan/Horizon, or United. We will add an additional $100 to the cost of the puppy to cover gas for the 260 mile round-trip to the Boise airport. You will also be responsible for all 3rd party expenses associated with shipping by air, which include air freight ($250-$350), an airline approved crate (~$60), and a health certificate issued by a veterinarian (~$50). Also keep in mind that there are temperature restrictions which can make it difficult to ship to certain parts of the country during summer and winter.



All Bone Point litters will be registered with AKC and NAVHDA, with limited registration in both organizations. Limited Registration means that the dog cannot produce registered offspring unless the breeder revokes the limited status. Bone Point kennels will happily revoke the limited status and provide full breeding registration after you meet certain performance and health clearances with your dog. We are committed to improving the German Wirehaired Pointer breed and want to make sure that only healthy animals with proven hunting abilities are bred. If your dog has met the requirements and has proven to be an exceptional animal worthy breeding, we encourage you to contact us for breeding recommendations. We also recommend joining the German Wirehair Alliance, which is a group of dedicated  German Wirehaired Pointer breeders working together to improve the breed.

The requirements for releasing full breeding registration are to meet one of the Hunting Ability requirements and all of the Health requirements.

Hunting Ability

One of the following hunting test or trial accomplishments must be met to release full registration.

- NAVHDA Natural Ability: Prize II with 105 points or higher

- NAVHDA Utility: Prize III with 175 points or higher

- VHDF Hunting Aptitude Evaluation: Score of 6 or higher in each subject with a total of 55 or higher

- VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation: score of 6 in each of the ability subjects with a total of 155 or higher

- AKC Senior Hunter, Master Hunter title, Field Champion, or Amateur Field Champion

- NSTRA Champion


All of the following health requirements must be met to release full registration.

- Certified as being free of hip dysplasia through OFA or PENNHIP

- Certified as being free of autoimmune hypothyroidism through OFA

- The dog must be a good representative of the breed and have no known health issues or severe faults such as weak temperament, undershot or overshot bite, entropic or ectropic eyelids or monorchid testes, to name a few.



We guarantee our dogs for health, hunting performance, temperament, and other known genetic deficiencies that would prohibit your dog from fulfilling their duties as a suitable hunting dog throughout its useful life. This guarantee assumes that the owner fulfills their requirements as a responsible dog owner, including proper socialization, gun introduction, health care, and exposure to birds and hunting. This guarantee does not cover environmental or man-made problems, such as gun-shyness created by the owner that did not properly introduce their dog to the gun before hunting season. Also understand that we can only guarantee a quality hunting and family companion; we cannot guarantee a breeding quality animal. Keep in mind that we select our choice of puppies from each litter and still only end up breeding about 1 out of every 5 dogs that we start. In most cases, we will require the original dog to be returned when exercising the guarantee. We will replace the dog (shipping expenses not included) from the next available litter. In some unique cases, we may provide a refund.

If you are unable to keep a Bone Point puppy or dog for any reason, we recommend contacting us to see if we may be able to help you place your dog in a new home.



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