Occasionally we have started dogs available. Because we are very selective with the dogs used in our breeding program, many of the puppies that we start out are not used for breeding. These dogs are typically sold at 1-2 years old as started dogs. Our started dogs have usually been NAVHDA natural ability tested, have one solid hunting season under their belt and are ready to take hunting. Started dogs are usually priced at $1,800 - $3,500 depending on age, experience, talent, and training.




Bone Point's Xerxes

Bone Point's Magnus NAI, UT I x Bone Point's Kenai NAI, UT II

Whelped 1-27-16

Drake is a 1.5 year old neutered male with a big motor and a ton of raw talent. He is a smooth coated wirehair that look more like a shorthair, but he is going to make someone a very nice hunting dog. Drake is very high drive dog that has a very aggressive, fast field search. He is best suited for a moderate to experienced handler looking for a high powered hunting dog. He also loves water and retreiving ducks. He does not have a lot of wild bird hunting experience, but he has all the tools to make a great dog. He has some basic obedience, including some steadiness and retrieving work and he is ready to take hunting. Drake is very friendly towards all people and other dogs. He is approximately 55 lbs. Drake is out of a NAVHDA Breeder's Award litter from two of the nicest dogs we have ever produced in Max and Tater. Will show on birds. Guaranteed for 30 days.





Thunderhill's Otter

DC AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bards NAI, UT III x Thunderhill's Hurricane NAI

Whelped 4-27-14


Otter is a very talented 3 year old intact male with a lot of wild bird hunting experience. He was tested in the NAVHDA natural ability test and scored a maximum 112 points. Otter is a very cooperative dog with an outstanding nose and a very strong pointing instinct. He has always handled his birds well, even as a young dog, never busting or pressuring them. He is a medium range dog in the field that adapts well to pheasants in cover or huns in open country. He has had wild chukars, huns, pheasants, quail, grouse, and ducks shot over him. He has not hunted a lot of ducks, but he has all of the tools to make a great waterfowl dog, too. He is a very friendly to all people and other dogs. Otter is an experienced dog with very high level talent that will make someone a very fine hunting dog. Will show on birds. Guaranteed for 30 days.






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