We typically have 1 or 2 litters a year. Usually at least half of the litter will be spoken for before the breeding takes place. If you are interested in a puppy we suggest that you contact us several months in advance. We are very selective in who we place our puppies with. Our puppies will only be sold to responsible sportsmen dedicated to utilizing their puppy to its maximum potential. NAVHDA testing and competitive trialing homes will be given preference. We require a $200 deposit to reserve a puppy. Because we feel that we can best match the right puppies with the right homes, the person with the first deposit does not necessarily get the first pick. After assessing the litter and understanding each future puppy owner's personal requirements in a gun dog, we then try to best match the right puppy for each home. For example, this will allow us to ensure that the puppy with the longest hair does not end up in Texas or that the boldest, most independent puppy does not end up going to a first-time handler that may struggle getting control over the pup.

Our puppies are NAVHDA and AKC registered. They will be well socialized, exposed to birds and water and given the opportunity to explore the outdoors. We fully guarantee our dogs for any reason for the first 2 years of their life. Within this time, if you are unhappy with your dog for any reason we will replace the dog (shipping costs not included) from the next available litter. After 2 years the dog will be guaranteed against any genetic health problems that may limit the dog's ability to perform in the field.   

Puppies can be picked up after 7 weeks of age. For those planning to air ship their puppy by plane, the minimum age is 8 weeks old. We ship out of Boise, Idaho.








Whelped September 18, 2010

7 puppies (5 males and 2 females)

puppy pictures



Huck and Allie should produce some incredible field dogs. This should be a nice linebreeding (COI = 5.8%) on some of the breed's strongest field trial dogs over the past 30 years. Allie hunts at gun dog range and is very snappy and stylish on the ground. Huck is an all-age dog and is an incredible bird finder. These pups should be excellent bird dogs and nationally competitive field trial prospects.






HEIGHT:  24.5"

WEIGHT:  62 lbs

DOB: 3-3-2003

COAT:  liver roan, dense/medium harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal



I have hunted over Huck 20+ times and he is without doubt one of the best chukar dogs that I have ever hunted over. He is an INCREDIBLE bird finder and probably covers more ground than two greyhounds and a helicopter combined. Huck would have made a terrific all-age field trial dog. He has tenacious prey drive and is a great retriever. Huck has a very nice, tight, liver roan coat. He is an superior athlete that is built for speed and endurance. Huck is owned by Ned Ratterman of Baker City, OR.






NAVHDA NA:  110/I @ 15 mo

NAVHDA UT:  199/I @ 41 mo

HEIGHT:  23"

WEIGHT:  47 lbs

DOB: 4-27-2003

COAT:  liver & white ticked, medium dense/medium harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  OFA Excellent


Allie quickly learned how to handle wild birds and was displaying the savvy of a seasoned veteran by the end of her first hunting season. While she is a great all-around versatile dog it is her desire, speed, athleticism, ground covering ability, style and bird finding ability that set her apart from the rest. She is probably our best chukar hunting dog. True to her lineage, she is a dog that can excel in both NAVHDA and field trials and time will give her the opportunity to do so. Allie's brother is a Versatile Champion and received his NAVHDA utility prize 1 at 17 months of age. Allie's sister was the #1 Derby Dog of the Year on the Canadian prairies in all-breed field trial competition. Allie always gives 110% the entire time she is down. The great thing about Allie is that while she is a little dynamo in the field, she is one of the calmest, most sweet natured dogs I've ever been around in the house. She has an excellent temperament and is always happy and eager to work or please. She is without doubt the most intelligent dog we have ever owned. She is also a fantastic retriever. Allie is a lot of dog in a small package and if I'm going on a several day hunt in rugged country, she is the first dog I take.



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